So you've decided you want a Florals by Benita bouquet for your wedding day or pre wedding shoot. YAY! Now what? Read on to find out.



This is probably the most important aspect of your bouquet. Start by browsing my gallery, pinterest, or instagram to get some ideas about the shades which appeal to you most. Chances are, you'll be wearing a white wedding dress, so most combinations will match. I usually advise clients to pick a maximum of three shades (apart from green, which will be represented by foliage) so that the bouquet will look cohesive and not "all over the place". It's a good idea, though not absolutely necessary, for your bouquet to be of the same colour family as your venue decor. 



We do not provide a "flower recipe" of exactly what will be going into your bouquet as the availability of different varieties changes from week to week. But if it's been your long-time dream to walk down the aisle with peonies, david austin juliet roses or calla lilies, do let us know! We will try our best to include your "must-haves". Just try to limit these to one or two varieties to avoid disappointment.



Are you the sort who likes a round and symmetrical bunch? Or something wild with "stuff sticking out all over the place"? Instead of following the trends, pick a shape that you'll be comfortable with holding and not too overwhelming. After all, the focus should be on you as the radiant, glowing bride. Let us know so we can craft something that will make you smile. 


After you've discussed the above with us, we should pretty much be on the same page :) To wrap things up, send us three pictures of bouquets which encompass your ideal colour theme, bouquet shape and must-have flowers. Rest assured that we will use these as guiding references to create your bouquet, while injecting our own spin with blooms available locally.

Most importantly, keep an open mind and realise that this process is a creative one, where you get to set the boundaries but also leave us some space for free play. Thank you!!